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PASRS Joins The National Placement and Referral Alliance as the Central Arizona Chapter of NPRA

The past two years, a few of the founding board members for PASRS and the NPRA, responded to proposed legislation that threatened the legality and viability of our Placement and Referral Industry in Arizona.

If the proposed bill had made it into law, our industry and our lifestyle would have become non-existent overnight. The coordinated response of those members led to the conviction that to best serve our industry in Arizona and nationally was to establish a Professional Trade Association.

Through the wisdom of the current leadership, PASRS is now the model, both locally and nationally, that has given birth to our new national trade association, The National Placement and Referral Alliance or NPRA.

The NPRA will have local Chapters across the country with PASRS being the first.  San Diego and Denver are also coming about as new chapters.  The response nationwide has been tremendous.   In effort for PASRS to become the Central Arizona Chapter of the NPRA, all new and current membership fees will be redirected to the national office of the NPRA.

NOTE: Annual fees include membership to both Professional Association of Referral Specialist (PASRS) and The National Placement & Referral Alliance (NPRA)

Besides great networking and education events that PASRS has been known for many years, other NPRA initiatives include:
  • Providing a Fair Marketplace for everyone in the industry, agents, and providers alike,
  • Giving families the right to choose which agency represents them during their search
  • Creating a national Certification for agents written by the professionals who operate the Academy of Senior Advisors (CSA)and;
  • Establishing National Best Practices and Code of Ethics

PASRS is very exciting about being on the ground floor of this monumental moment in the senior care industry.  We welcome you to being part of history with us.

Value of Your Membership Dues

  Benefits - Your membership is more than attending monthly member meetings
  • Social media and marketing
  • Exclusive member log-in
  • Company listing on the PASRS website
  • Educational programming with CEUs
  • Discount on liability insurance
  • Bi-Monthly newsletter
  • No cost member meetings
  • Member rates for annual conference and special events
  • Business development – sponsorship opportunities – newsletter – speaking opportunities, along with hosting opportunities for PASRS meetings and events
Services - Connect qualified referral specialists to those serving the senior industry in Arizona
  • Business consulting
  • Education resources and industry experts
  • Legal outlets and resources
  • Advocacy and public policy – ‘Your Voice in the Senior Industry’
  • Community connections
  • Industry oversight and updates
  • Arbitration and mediations services
  • Promote and refine ‘PASRS Best Practices’ to align with local legislation
  • Collaborators and industry partners to protect your business from exploitation
  • Network - relationship building with referral specialists and other affiliate members
  • Testimonials from industry partners
  • Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney on the Board of Directors
  • Distinction and alignment to professionals with ethics and integrity you seek
Operations Overhead – PASRS is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) formed to advance our industry
  • PASRS staff – office administration and business development
  • Office supplies – phone and office equipment fees
  • Professional association fees
  • Website management and maintenance
  • Marketing – collateral, publications, social media and public relations
  • Conference planning services

PASRS – working to advance the industry and you!

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You are making an investment in the industry and your community! We Appreciate Our Members!