PASRS Best Practices 

The backbone of PASRS is our commitment to establish and maintain Best Practices for the senior referral – residential service industry. Developed by a PASRS sub-committee, our Best Practice Policies are intended to serve as the senior referral industry standards.

Through membership, PASRS Members pledge to adhere to the Universal Best Practices Policy. Further, PASRS Senior Referral Specialists and Placement Agents pledge their commitment to maintaining the PASRS Industry Member Best Practices (a more specific code of ethics geared toward the referral/placement industry.

PASRS Members intentionally submit themselves and their businesses to these high standards of performance and practice. They remain united in their shared belief and commitment to ethical business practices for Arizona seniors and their families.

Universal Best Practices Policy

The Association’s Best Practices are designed to promote honest and ethical conduct in Arizona’s senior referral industry. They are also intended to facilitate and encourage prompt reporting of law and regulatory violations. Please feel free to review these documents below, upon membership you will be asked to sign these documents and comply with PASRS Best Practices.