April 3, 2018

Cypress Home Care Solutions

http://cypresshomecare.com/2018/03/30/33018-health-futures-taking-stock-in-you-with-dr-kevin-haselhorst-scott-fischer-sami-jo-roth-and-sheldon-roth/. Home About Us Services Resources Caring Careers Media Contact Us: (602) 264-8009 3/30/18 – Health Futures – Taking Stock in You with Dr. Kevin Haselhorst, […]
March 30, 2018

Seniors Socialize: Loneliness Is Detrimental To Physical and Mental Health

Social isolation isn’t specific to any age demographic, but it is more difficult to maintain a positive social life as you age. Health effects, both physical […]
March 24, 2018

As elders become more physically weak, they are not able to stand up for themselves if they are being bullied or attacked. Their incapability of not seeing […]
March 20, 2018

Oral Care – A Critical part of Your Advance Directives

Have you ever wondered who will take care of you when that time comes? What type of arrangements will there be? Where will you live or […]