Referral Specialist

  • $250.00/ annually
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  • $250.00/ annually
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  • $1,000.00/ annually
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Did You Know?

PASRS is the only association of its kind in Arizona?

PASRS Members agree to adhere to a minimum standard of best practice ethics?

PASRS holds monthly meetings with immediately useful presentation topics and dialogue?

The PASRS Board of Directors is constantly working to improve and add to the benefits of PASRS membership.

Current Standard Member Benefits include:

  • A platform from which members of Arizona's senior referral industry can express their views on practices, legislation, rules and regulations affecting the industry
  • Increased marketability and networking opportunities within the member organizations of PASRS
  • Accessibility to industry critical knowledge, trends, and current events
  • Ongoing collaboration through to provide a voice for the senior referral and service industry when faced with larger entities such as State and Federal Agencies.
  • PASRS Logo- the PASRS logo is a symbol of ethical business practices and leadership in the Arizona Senior Service Industry. Members of PASRS are encouraged to proudly display the PASRS logo in all of their marketing material so that current and potential partners and customers can know the high standard by which Members operate their businesses.
  • Certificate of Membership for physical posting at company location
  • Certificate of Best Practices for reference, posting on company website, and physical posting at company location
  • Exclusive access to Member Only information network weekly communication
  • Addition to the PASRS Referral Directory
  • Customizable directory webpage for each Member including two images and unlimited words
  • Social Media linking
  • Preferred member pricing to all ticketed events
  • Announcements of new membership:
    • Shared via email to all members that includes contact information and links to website (if applicable)
    • Posted on PASRS social media with links to company website (if applicable)
    • Made verbally at next scheduled PASRS meeting

Current Corporate Member Benefits include:

Corporate Membership Benefits Include all Standard Membership Benefits, plus:

  • Inclusion with other Corporate Members as core partners when PASRS consults with critical community partners such as Area Agency, the Alzheimer’s Association, MEAPA, TASA, DHS, private insurance networks, etc.
  • Concierge service from PASRS office
  • Priority access to event roles such as sponsorship, hosting, etc.
  • Inclusion of a designated representative for the PASRS Member Leader Consortium- an advisory group providing trusted input and guidance as PASRS continues to develop and expand
  • Additional Corporate webpages
    • Placement Agents Specific Corporate Webpage- to detail any special events, incentives, or other such communication.
      • Constantly maintained by the PASRS office (with information provided by you), this page is linked on every weekly Placement Agent email newsletter.
      • This webpage provides direct access to PASRS  agents and facilitates agent knowledge of current offerings and updates unlike single building members.
      • With unlimited space, Corporate Members can include detailed service offering information, blueprints/layouts, care packages, and any other such document.
    • Parent Corporate Page explaining corporate values and listing buildings included in company
  • Separate directory listing for each building, highlighting the features making it unique


Who Can Join?

PASRS Members include:

  • Senior Referral Specialists (Placement Agents)
  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Assisted Living Homes
  • In Home Care Service Providers
  • Hospice Providers
  • Home Health Agencies
  • Medical Practices
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Insurance Agents
  • Realtors
  • Transition Companies
  • Business Service Companies
  • and much more

Types of Membership

There are three types of membership in PASRS:

  • Industry (Placement Agents Only)- $250 annually
  • Affiliate Member- $250 annually
  • Corporate- $1000 annually

Industry Members- Those who are directly compensated for providing senior referral/placement services to one or more clients in any calendar year.

Affiliate Members- Other businesses (including non-profit associations) associated with the senior service industry such as care homes, care centers, home health, home care, legal services, financial services, etc.

Corporate Members- Businesses or organizations (other than non-profit organizations) associated with the senior service industry and the medical services industry with multiple locations that seek a truly united, company-wide approach to their unified services and care.  For more information on Corporate Membership, please contact the PASRS Office.