• Policy:
    It is the policy of PASRS to have a procedure and expectation that members will abide by the Best Practices set forth by the Board of Directors (the "Board"). In the event there is a question regarding adherence to these Best Practices, the Board has a policy in which an Industry Member, Affiliate Member, or Non-Member can initiate a grievance against a PASRS Member. The grievance is reviewed by the Ethics Committee and the Board. As a condition of membership, members agree to abide by the recommendations made by the Ethics Committee and Board. As a condition of membership, Members agree to abide by the recommendations made by the Ethics Committee and Board.

    PASRS' Best Practices are a set of guidelines designed to ensure the ethical operation of senior referral businesses. The Best Practices can be found on the PASRS website. In addition to providing Best Practices, PASRS may, from time to time, suggest business protocols designed to aid members in navigating the industry.

    This Grievance Policy is designed to resolve disputes regarding PASRS members' compliance only with the Best Practices.

    1) All members will submit to and sign the Grievance Policy at the time of their application form membership to PASRS. Signing the Policy designates the member's willingness to submit to the findings and recommendations of the Ethics Committee and the Executive Committee of the Board (the "Executive Committee").

    2) The initiator of the grievance will notify the Board of the intent to file a grievance and complete the Grievance Form. All grievances must be filed with the Board President and no action shall be taken on any grievance until the Grievance Form is filed. After the grievance is filed with the Board President, such individual will notify the members of the Ethics Committee and provide copies of all submitted documentation to Ethics Committee Members.

    3) The Ethics Committee will meet and review the grievance within 14 days of the filing of the grievance. The Ethics Committee will make their recommendations to the Board within 30 days after their initial meeting, unless otherwise extended by good cause. Ethics Committee recommendations shall be obtained by simple majority vote.

    4) 4) The Board will hold a hearing with the agency named in the grievance to review the findings and recommendations submitted by the Ethics Committee. Such hearing shall be held within 30 days of the Ethics Committee submitting its findings and recommendations, unless otherwise extended by good cause. At the conclusion of the hearing, the Board will vote on whether to accept the findings and recommendations of the Ethics Committee by a simple majority vote. All recommendations will be made in writing and become part of the agency file that the Board keeps on all members.

    5) 5) Grievances substantiated after votes by the Ethics Committee and the Board that involve a violation of the Best Practices of PASRS can be grounds for the termination of membership

    6) 6) Other than the publication of recommendations discussed in Paragraph 4 or as otherwise required by law, all matters regarding grievance complaints will remain confidential to the Ethics Committee, the Board, and the agency involved. Notwithstanding this Paragraph, the party initiating the grievance shall be entitled to notice of the findings and recommendations of the Ethics Committee and the Board.

    7) 7) The purpose of this policy is to promote consistency and integrity among professionals serving Arizona's elderly population. The intention and spirit of PASRS policy is to clarify best practices and support professionals in their quest to serve Arizona's elderly. This policy is not intended as a punitive action, but rather an educational tool designed to remedy poor practices through self-regulation.

    8) 8) Every member indemnifies and holds harmless any participant of the Ethics Committee or the Board engaged in the application of this Policy for all actions taken consistent with the investigation, hearing, and resolution of any grievance.

    9) 9) This Policy may be amended from time to time to reflect the procedures necessary to achieve PASRS' goals. Prior to the adoption of any amendment to this Policy, the proposed amendment shall be made available to all PASRS members for comment. Any proposed amendment can be adopted by majority vote of the Board 30 days after publication to PASRS' membership and shall become effective 30 days thereafter.

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    I, and the business entity I represent, have read and agree to abide by the PASRS Grievance Policy. I understand I am responsible for operating under these guidelines. If I, and the business entity I represent, fail to comply with this agreement, I understand disciplinary action could be taken including loss of membership.