Seeking to raise the ethics bar in Arizona senior services

What is PASRS?

PASRS is the only professional association in Arizona representing the senior referral specialists, placement agents, and other senior service providers.  PASRS is a non-profit organization run by an entirely volunteer Board of Directors who staunchly believe in the Mission and Vision of the association.  They work to unify business serving Arizona Seniors.

The only association of its kind in Arizona.

Only association of its kind in Arizona

PASRS Mission

It is the mission of PASRS to provide and establish professional standards of best practices while promoting education, consumer protection and advocacy with a strong knowledge of community resources.


Uniting like-minded agencies and business by common core values

Association Purpose

  • Provide a clear definition of the scope of practice for the Senior Referral Industry in Arizona
  • Establish, promote, and work to enforce industry minimum standards of best and ethical business practices for the Senior Referral Industry in Arizona
  • Provide resources to assist consumers in their search for senior referral providers and affiliated businesses who maintain PASRS’s Best Practice Standards.