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What is a PASRS Registered Agent?

PASRS Registered Placement Agents and Referral Specialists represent the most experienced, highly training, and ethical professionals within the senior placement industry.   Our elite members are the only referral specialists in the the nation that voluntarily submit themselves to the PASRS Best Practice Policies which demand the highest moral conduct throughout the often murky placement process.  Further, as part of our annual membership, PASRS Registered Agents must carrier professional liability insurance for all members of their business.  Through their commitment to continuing education and training, PASRS agents serve as mentors and steadfast leaders amongst their peers.

What is required of PASRS Registered Agents?

To maintain their Registered Agent Status, PASRS Referral Specialists must:

  • Sign and commit to maintain the PASRS Best Practice Policies
  • Maintain liability insurance for themselves and all employees
  • Attend a minimum of six continuing education courses presented by PASRS each year
  • Create and maintain their own conflict resolution policy to provide structure and recourse for customers who may have a complaint
  • Sign and commit to abide by the PASRS Grievance Policy should a peer or customer have an issue.
  • Submit three letters of recommendation from peers and clients or their family

How Often is an Agent’s Registration Renewed?

PASRS Registered Agents must sign the Best Practice and Grievance policies annually as well as provide copies of proof of continued liability insurance each year.

What happens if I have an issue with my agent?

We always encourage our peers and the families of the loved ones we serve to first attempt to resolve any concerns with the agent themselves as they are always more up-to-date on the specific details in a given situation.  If that is unsuccessful in resolving the issue, PASRS has an internal Grievance Policy and Procedure to provide peers and consumers with recourse should they feel they need it.

I am working with an agent now who is not a PASRS Member.  What should I do?  

We always encourage our peers and the public to open the lines of communication with their trusted providers and simply encourage them to reach out to us to learn more.  We constantly strive toward our association’s continued growth by partnering with our likeminded colleagues as we work together to create a better assisted living offering for the residents and families of Arizona.