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May 24, 2018
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Caring Aging Parents

Parents sacrificed many things for their children when they were young. From the time of conception until they go to school, finally leave home, and start their own family, parents were there all the way. However, as the children grow older, they often forget that their parents are getting older too. There will come a time when mom and dad can no longer take care of themselves properly. There could be an overall degeneration of their physical and mental vitality. This results in drastic and visible changes in their appearance, emotional well-being, and even their standard of life.

Responsible and loving children should look after their aging parents especially when they reach the sunset of their lives. It is best to come up with a plan on how to take care of these important persons in our lives so they could enjoy their golden years. The more aware we are of how aging can affect them, the more we could come up with options available for them as well as for the caring adult children. Here are some important things to remember when caring for aging parents.

Have a Candid Conversation with Your Aging Parents

To some children, having a candid conversation with their parents may not be the most comfortable thing to do. However, it is very important since it gives adult children a better understanding of their aging parents. Conversation can eradicate confusion and allow children to respect their parents’ wishes. Begin by letting them know that while it may be far off, there will come a time when they will need some assistance. It is also important to know as adult children to know what your aging parents want and where they stand.

Ask questions like, where do they foresee themselves in the future? Would they want to live in a senior living community? Know their doctors’ name and the type of insurance they have. It is also important to ask them if they have the vital retirement documents and if those documents are with them or kept safe somewhere.

Include Aging Parents in Decision-Making

It is difficult to assume as adult children that we know what is best for our parents. There are times when our parents know how they will receive care and have already foreseen what is going to happen to them in the future. For instance, if the aging parents seem to struggle to live independently, let them know this is a very kind and compassionate way. Share with them your observation and ask for their opinion on how to handle the issue.

Secure their Safety

As they reach their golden age, most parents become delicate and frail, which makes them susceptible to harm. If they choose to stay at home, make sure to have the house modified to ensure their safety and that they are happy. When seniors do not want to move into senior community yet, it is best to let them move into your house so you could keep a close eye on them.

If you are an adult with aging parents and is in need of a trustworthy organization to help meet your parent’s needs, you can check out PASRS. The company is the only professional organization in Arizona representing placement agents, referral specialists, and other senior service providers. It is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. They can guide you on the best services and communities that you should turn to in caring for your aging parents.


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